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Gift Voucher: Terms and Conditions

VisitThailand.travel wish you a Happy Birthday and present you with its Gift Voucher to celebrate your special day and thank you of your support and your loyalty.

What you can get...

VisitThailand.travel offer you the choice to select one gift on the list below, to be used during one of your future journeys in Thailand with us:

   - 1 hour Thai massage voucher

   - 1 dinner voucher

   - 500 THB voucher

How to reclaim your gift?

During your next booking with us, attach a copy of your gift voucher and your ID where appear your birthday date to info@visitthailand.travel. We will take care of including your gift to your personalized journey!

Terms and conditions

   1. The gift voucher is valid for 2 years

   2. The gift voucher is non-transferable to another party

   3. The gift voucher is to be used during your next travel in Thailand with us

   4. Gift vouchers can be combined

   5. Origina/copy of the Gift Voucher and copy of your ID must be join to your request

   6. Gifts are subject to availability

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